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Membership Requirements

Active Membership

Commissioners, superintendents, sheriffs, chiefs and directors of national, state, provincial, county, municipal police departments.

Assistant chiefs of police, deputy chiefs of police, executive heads and division, district or bureau commanding officers. Generally the rank of lieutenant and above is classed as active membership.

Police chiefs of private colleges and universities who are qualified as law enforcement officers within their respective states/provinces.

Officers who command a division, district or bureau within the department. Command must be specified on the application.

Chief executive officers of railroad police systems and railway express company police systems.

Associate Membership

Police officers employed by police agencies below the rank of lieutenant.

Superintendents and other executive officers of prisons.

Chief executives, departmental officers and technical assistants of city, county, state, provincial and national agencies with administrative or technical responsibility for police-related activities.

Prosecuting attorneys, their deputies and deputy sheriffs.

Professors and technical staffs of colleges and universities engaged in teaching or research in criminal law, police administration and other phases of criminal justice.

Staffs of crime institutes, research bureaus, coordinating councils, law enforcement associations.

Chief executive officers of industrial or commercial security police agencies and private police or detective agencies.

Employees of companies providing services to law enforcement agencies.

Associate members enjoy the same privileges as active members except those of holding office and voting.


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