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Active Member

Active membership in the IACP is open to all command-level police officers in public law enforcement agencies.  Active Member Dues are $150.

Associate Member General

Available to those working in or with law enforcement not outlined in another Associate Membership category (other Associate Membership categories below).  General Associate Membership Dues -- $150

Section -- Capitol Police

Promotes exchange of information and develops standards for increasing the efficiency and capabilities of each law enforcement agency that provides service to our critical assets. Open to individuals who are now, or have been, engaged in or responsible for providing police services at a national or state/providence State House.

Section -- DRE

Provides a unique opportunity for those professionals already associated with drug recognition to share common management, training, administrative and practicing concerns.

Section -- Indian Country Law Enforcement

Promotes the professional status of those engaged inproviding police services to Indian Country.

Section -- IMPACT

Facilitates the exchange of ideas, procedures, and specific information for the professional leadership and management of education and training within police agencies, as well as enhancing the quality of law enforcement and policing at the international level through education and training.

Section -- Legal Officers

Assists in the establishment of professional standards, assistance and cooperation among attorneys who provide legal advice or representation to law enforcement administrators.

Section -- Police Foundations

Promotes networking and the exchange of ideas and best practices among police executives and police foundation professionals.

Section -- Police Physicians

Facilitates the exchange of information among police medical practitioners, promotes effective police medical practices, and acts as a resource of professional expertise to the association.  Must be a physician to qualify for membership.

Section -- PIO

Promotes the exchange of information and training among officers who are responsible for planning and implementing effective public information programs.

Displaying results 1-10 (of 500)
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