Police Psychological Services Section Social Event Sponsorship Opportunities


With more than 100 police psychology section members from throughout the nation and abroad expected to attend, our social networking night provides you with a unique opportunity to meet and share resources and information with colleagues. While the IACP provides some financial assistance, we ask for your support to help make this event successful. By becoming a Gold, Silver or Bronze level sponsor you are contributing to a worthwhile cause while providing relevant information to a highly sought after and targeted audience. 

Gold Level Sponsor (minimum of $1,000)

Gold Level Sponsors will be given the opportunity to supply promotional materials to all event participants. Additionally, those Gold Level Sponsors who are not section members will be invited to attend as guests.


Silver Level Sponsor ($500 to $999)

Silver Level Sponsors are given the opportunity to include your company name and a short description (not to exceed 50 words) at the event.


Bronze Level Sponsor (up to $499)

            Bronze Level Sponsors will receive an honorable mention at the event.

Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law (IACP Tax ID 53022781)


PSS 2015 Sponsorship - Oct. 24, 2015
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NOTE: Please click the blue Authorize button only once. It may take a few seconds to process but when complete a receipt for your donation will be displayed. If you have any questions, please contact personifyteam@theiacp.org Thank you
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